Cyber Wellness...

  • refers to positive well-being of Internet users and a healthy cyber culture for the internet community;
  • involves an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviour, an awareness of how to product oneself and others from such behaviour;
  • is a recognition of the power of internet to affect oneself and the community-at-large

4 values underpinning the cyberwellness vision are...

  1. Embracing the Net & Inspiring Others - Youths adopt an attitude of using the internet to make a positive difference to others through their online activities
  2. Aututeness - means develpoing in youths a sense of being 'street smart' when using the internet. This includes (i) developing an awareness of the dangers in cyberspace and recognising the different forms of this danger (ii) identifying and protecting youths from harmful and illegal online behaviour
  3. Respect & Responsibility - The respect for (i) Medium - by not abusing the internet for activities such as hacking (ii) Self and others - by not surfing pornographic sites, putting up false rumours, infringing others' privacy and rights, and illegally downloading copyrighted media.
  4. Beyond the Internet - The balance between cyberspace and the physical world. Internet to be used in moderation. If the balance is not achieved, it may lead to:
  • (i) Internet Addiction: Spending too much time online that family and friends are ignored and normal daily tasks are affected.
  • (ii) Addiction to role playing online games: (a) A feeling of an anxiety and discomfort when disconnected from the virtual world (b) Inability to limit gaming activity and to distinguish between the real world and the fantasy world.

Source: The Offline Guide for the Online Generation